Then & now at Marquette University's campus. Concept by Josh Arter, Comm '12, inspired by

  1. #tbt Cobeen Hall, then and now. 17 1 year ago
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Throwback Thursday: Marquette’s Alumni Memorial Union Rotunda in 1990 (during the finishing touches of construction) and in 2013. Black-and-white photo source: Marquette University Archives

The origins of @FatherMarquette in the AMU.   9 1 year ago
  3. A conversation at Marquette University’s Lalumiere Language Hall in 1976 and a cell phone call in 2012. 12 1 year ago
  4. Marquette Hall in 1990 — with an admissions tour guide and visiting family — and in 2012. 1990 photo by Scott Morris, 1991 Marquette Hilltop. 13 1 year ago
  5. Picture of Marquette’s 75th Anniversary celebration banners (1956, “the Pursuit of Truth to Make Men Free”) in its modern setting. 5 2 years ago
  6. The view looking south at Wisconsin Avenue and 14th Street before Raynor Library was built. 5 2 years ago
  7. The Joan of Arc Chapel is surrounded by a much more lush and green environment in 2012 than when the original photograph was taken. 9 2 years ago
  8. 4 MU alums at a reunion pondering where the would have been if they didn’t go to Marquette…  2 2 years ago
  9. Cudahy Hall’s first-floor computer lab in 1994 (with Dr. Doug Harris and Michael Cudahy at the building’s grand opening) and in spring 2012. 2 2 years ago
  10. Real Chili at Marquette, then and now. In 1980, a bowl of Real Chili was $1.40. Today the first helping of mild or medium chili is $5.25 but still worth every spoonful. 47 2 years ago
  11. What a difference 24 hours makes.  20 2 years ago
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  13. 13 inches of snow then, traces of snow now. The blizzard of December 1987 blanketed the campus and led Marquette to cancel some final exams.  9 2 years ago
  14. Todd Wehr Chemistry at 43 degrees today and 30 degrees below zero in January 1977. Photo by Scott Feldstein. 6 2 years ago
  15. From 1983, “Merry Christmas from I.R.C.” at Lalumiere Language Hall. Today, the Inter-Residence Council is known as RHA, the Residence Hall Association. 4 2 years ago